Raschel knitting machine process

Based on the features of warp knitting, the machines available are classified into two categories, namely Tricot and Raschel.The Raschel knit ranks in importance of production with tricot but it makes varieties of products ranging from sports nets, spacer fabrics, mesh fabrics etc.Raschel knitting machine is done with heavy yarns & usually has a complex lace-like pattern.

Raschel knitting machine

Raschel knitting machine

Raschel Warp knitting machine:

  1. Raschel machines are heavier and produce heavier fabrics.
  2. Latch needle are commonly used but compound needles may also be used
  3. Sinker only ensure that the fabric stays down when the needle rise
  4. More number of warp beam guide bars
  5. Raschel warp machine warp beam are positioned at the top
  6. The fabric angle to the warp on Raschel machines is 160° take-up whereas in Tricot machines the angle is 90° take-up.
  7. On Raschel knitting  machines, fabric take-up tension is high, whereas on Tricot machines take-up tension is lower.
  8. Raschel knitting machines with latch and compound needles do not need a presser bar. Since the needles are heavier and bigger, Raschel machines can use spun yarn or heavier spandex yarn, whereas the Tricot machines with spring bearded needles need a presser bar, and since needles are smaller, knitting of spun yarn is more critical.
  9. Knitting tension is high
  10. Simple to complex structure can be produced

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