Yarn count.Types of yarn count system

Yarn count

Yarn count or number is a measure of the fineness of the yarn. As the yarns are flexible and uneven, the fineness of the yarn is expressed in terms of length and weight, rather than measuring the diameter of the yarn. Types of Yarn Count:                                       Direct Count System Indirect Count System Direct Count System If the length remains the same

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Plain knitting machine structure and process

Plain knitting machine are one of the most common types of knitting machines used in the textile industry. They are used to produce a wide range of knitted fabrics, including single jersey, double jersey, rib, and pique. Here are some of the key features of plain knitting machine process and structure: Process: The plain knitting process involves the interlocking of

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What is needle ?Basic action of latch needle

knitting needle basic action

Knitting latch needle are long, slender tools used in knitting to create stitches. They are usually made of metal come in various sizes, lengths, and shapes. Knitting latch needles have pointed tips that allow the knitter to easily insert them into stitches and manipulate the yarn to create different knitting patterns and textures.   The size of the needle determines

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