What is warp and weft knitting?

Weft Knitting:

The yarns run in the width or cross-wise direction with regard to the direction of fabric formation during knitting, and then the process of knitting is called weft knitting.Warp knitting differs from weft knitting.warp and weft knitting

weft knitting machine

Many other stitches can be used in weft knitting like Purl, Double knitting, and patterns like Cable, Fair Isle and often achieved using different yarns in several colours and weights. Types of Weft knitting include Jersey, Double Knit, Circular Knitting, Fair Isle and Cable knit. All of these knits are generally produced using a knitting machine as a finer gauge, more delicate fabric can be produced but hand knitting is still used, mainly as a hobby nowadays.

Uses of weft knitting underwear, hosiery, T-shirt, Sportwear, Baby clothes knitwear such as jumper scarves.

  1. Yarn runs in horizontal or course direction during knitting
  2. Weft knitting needles knit sequentially in a knitting  cycle
  3. Yarn is supplied generally in the form of cone hold in a creel
  4. Weft knitting only one of few yarn are needed during knitting a fabric
  5. Staple yarns are preferable used but filament yarn more suitable
  6. Less preparatory processes are required before knitting
  7. machines Latch needles are used in a machines
  8. Less variety of structures can be made in a machine
  9. Change in pattern reduces the machine speed
  10. Fabric have less aesthetic value
  11. Fabric have more resilient and suitable for inner garments ladies garments
  12. Fabric have some uses as outer garments as well as furnishing material
  13. Fabric have good stretchablity in both direction, comparatively higher width direction
  14. Weft knitted fabric dimensional stability is lower
  15. Wide range of semi or full garments length machines are available
  16. Weft knitting machine maybe flat or circular
  17. Circular machine produce circular fabric but both flat or tubular fabric may be produce in flat machine
  18. Weft insertion during loop formation is not possible for producing highly dimensional stable technical textile
  19. Machine as well as the fabric produced are comparatively cheaper


Warp knit

In warp knitted fabric the loops interlock vertically along the length of the fabric. Warp knits are slightly stretchy and do not ladder. Warp-knitted fabric is made by machinlly e. It is used for swimwear, underwear and geo textiles. Because of the multiple-needle configuration of warp-knitting machines, the warp knit fabrics produced can be very complex and intricate in structure; and they don’t fall neatly into groups or categories.

Warp knitting machine

  1. Warp knitted fabric low stretchablity in both direction comparatively higher in width direction
  2. Warp knitted fabric dimensional stability is higher
  3. Loop formation takes place wale wise in vertical direction
  4. Yarn runs in vertical or wale direction during knitting     
  5. Needles knit altogether in a knitting cycle
  6. Yarn supplier generally in the form of warp beam
  7. Large number of yarns are needed for knitting a fabric
  8. Filament yarns are mostly used but staple yarns are nowdays used in some causes more prepatory processes are required before knitting
  9. Warp knitting machine mostly used bearded needle used but latch needle can also be used some causes
  10. Warp knitting machine change the pattern does not reduce the marine speed
  11. Warp knit fabrics have more aesthetic value
  12. Fabric have much uses as outer garments as well as furnishing material
  13. Warp knit fabrics are less resilient not suitable for inner garments
  14. Limited range of garments length are available
  15. Warp knitting machine generally   flat
  16. Mainly warp knitting machine produced flat fabrics but limited range of circular fabrics can also be produced
  17. Warp knit fabrics tailoring is easy
  18. Machine as well as the fabric produced are comparatively costlier
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