What is the knitting and weaving? Comparison between knitting and weaving

Introduction: The human beings impelled by nature and compelled by necessity. Textile fabric is defined as a two dimensional (2D) plane-like structure (may be woven, knitted, non-woven, braided, etc.) Recently, fabrics are also made in three dimensions (3D) and widely used in technical applications including medical textiles in the form of artificial cardiovascular tube as well as different joints and

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What is warp and weft knitting?

Weft Knitting: The yarns run in the width or cross-wise direction with regard to the direction of fabric formation during knitting, and then the process of knitting is called weft knitting.Warp knitting differs from weft knitting.warp and weft knitting Many other stitches can be used in weft knitting like Purl, Double knitting, and patterns like Cable, Fair Isle and often

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Computerized marker making method

Garments marker

Computerized marker making is the best method as it gives higher marker efficiency. In this method the pattern size, pattern pieces, grade rule. Screening is fed to the computer and set in the memory which produce marker automatically.Computerized marker making is the best method of marker making and widely used Computerized marker making method: Automatic Interactive (a)Digitizing system: Placing working

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Raschel knitting machine process

Based on the features of warp knitting, the machines available are classified into two categories, namely Tricot and Raschel.The Raschel knit ranks in importance of production with tricot but it makes varieties of products ranging from sports nets, spacer fabrics, mesh fabrics etc.Raschel knitting machine is done with heavy yarns & usually has a complex lace-like pattern. Raschel Warp knitting

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