12 Types of zipper used in apparel industries

A zipper, zip fastener, formerly referred to as a clasp locker. A zipper is a device used to open and close parts of clothes and bags. It is used in clothing jackets and jeans, bags, and other bags,  It may be utilized in functional or decorative purposes. It can be specific in types and sizes. The function of 1 zipper is different from another.

Zipper parts name:
  1. Zipper tape
  2. Zipper teeth
  3. Slider body
  4. Slider pin
  5. Stopper

12 Types of zipper used in apparel industries.zipper image

Zipper tape:

The fabric part of the zipper. The tape is manufactured exclusively for zippers. It is typically fabricated from polyester, but relying on use, synthetic fiber tape, vinyl tape and cotton tape are also available. This is stitched to the fabric to connect the zipper.

Zipper teeth:

This is the central part of a zipper- The tune of the zipper which can be of plastic or metal. The zipper is opened or closed by the usage of these teeth. The teeth also referred to as elements, are the parts on every side of zipping that mesh, or engage, with every other while passed via the slider.

Slider body:

This is the metal/plastic piece that opens and closes the zipper teeth means of moving along the teeth track. The pull is used to move the slider. The slider joins or separates the elements while the zipper is opened or closed. Various forms of sliders are available depending on use.

Slider pin:

Pin is the component this is mounted at the lowest end of a keeping apart zipper, which is observed through the pin and field mechanism rather than the constant backside stopper attached to a closed-end zipper. Although they’re very tiny devices.


A metal piece attached to the zipper tape wherein the teeth begin. It prevents the pull tab from coming off.

Types of zippers:

  1. Nylon coil zippers
  2. Two way separating zippers
  3. Closed-end zippers
  4. Separating zippers
  5. Continuous zipper chain
  6. Metal teeth zippers
  7. Molded plastic zippers
  8. Pant zippers
  9. Invisible zippers
  10. Bag zippers
  11. Water repellant zippers
  12. Lapped zippers

Nylon coil zippers:

The coil is sewn to a zip tape to make the final product. The sliders can be fixed in either direction of the zipper chain and they’ll still function smoothly. This versatile zipper may be used in whatever from clothing garments to luggage or wearing goods to automobiles.

12 Types of zipper used in apparel industries.coil zipper image

Two-way separating zippers:

A two-way zipper also called a double or a dual is a zipper comprised of plastic or metallic that can be closed or opened in two opposite directions on an identical time. The stops can be located at any point along the zipper but they’re generally discovered at the ends particularly in items like bags and luggage. For clothing, way zippers are typically incorporated into pieces that have long closures.

12 Types of zipper used in apparel industries.Two-way separating zippers image  

Separating zippers:

Separating zippers are designed for jackets, coats, hoodies, sweatshirts, and any makes use of where the zipper wishes to split completely on the. They feature a pin and a box at the bottom, which allow the zipper to separate and come collectively with ease.

12 Types of zipper used in apparel industries.Separating zippers image

Continuous zipper chain:

A continuous zipper is a little different. These zippers do no longer have a beginning or an endpoint. Continuous zippers are generally sewn into a project at each ends like on a bag, tent or cushion, anywhere that you need that wishes longer than average zippers.

12 Types of zipper used in apparel industries.Continuous zipper chain image

Metal teeth zippers:

A metallic zipper consists of two rows of protruding teeth fabricated from metallic. The metal teeth may be made of Brass, Aluminum, or Nickel, and they may be designed to interlock like clasped hands.

12 Types of zipper used in apparel industries.metal zipper image

Bag zippers:

These zippers are coil zippers that have a non-lock slider/pull, generally mainly transparent, made of polyethylene or comparable plastic, which may be sealed and opened many times by a slider which works in a comparable way to a zipper fastener.

Water repellant zippers:

These are best for the usage of tents, outside gear, etc. These are sturdy climate-proof zippers with a purpose to survive all rough weather.

12 Types of zipper used in apparel industries.water repellent image

Invisible zippers:

This is a kind of zipper that looks nearly invisible when implemented on a seam except for its small slim pull. They are flexible and strong. Use an invisible zipper foot to insert. Use in skirts, blouses dresses; anywhere you want an invisible closure with a clean finish.


Closed-end zippers:

Those zippers that don’t separate at the bottom; they have a stopper at the lowest end preventing the pull going in addition and separating.


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