Stone wash in garments .Advantage and disadvantage

Garments stone wash

What is Stone Wash?

Stone wash means washing garments with special stones so that the garments achieve a very strong washing effect. In enzyme washing of stone, the type of enzyme chosen has an important effect on the process.

In garment washing, stone enzyme washing is done using pumice stone and enzyme chemicals. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in garment washing. There are three types of stone enzyme wash such as stone enzyme wash, medium stone enzyme wash and heavy stone enzyme washing. Garments look much nicer after applying Stone Enzyme Wash.

Garments stone wash

Garments stone wash

Stone enzyme washing process

Garment Selection: In this process first first step is garments selection. This selection is very important because the type of fabric and the style of the garment will affect the final result.

Enzyme treatment:These enzymes help break down the fibers, which is essential to achieve the desired tousled look.

Pumice Stone Abrasion: Pumice stones are used in combination with enzymes to create friction on fabric surfaces. This friction action contributes to a faded and aged appearance.

Adjusting the duration and intensity: The duration of the wash cycle and the intensity of the stone and enzyme treatment can be adjusted to achieve different effects. This flexibility allows manufacturers to create a wide range of upsets

Working Procedure of Garment Stone Washing:
  1. Load stones into machine.
  2. Load garments into machine (ratio usually 0.5 – 3.0 part weight stones: 1 part weight garments).
  3. Desize with alpha amylase enzyme and detergent. Liquor ratio approximately 5-8:1.
  5. Refill and tumble with stones 30 to 90 minutes, depending upon desired effect. Liquor ratio 5-8:1 at 50-70Scouring additives can also be used.
  6. Separate garments from stones (garments can be transferred to another machine).
  8. Apply softener (garments can be transferred to another machine for softening).
  9. Extract and unload.
  10. De-stone and tumble dry.
  11. Press, if required.

Process Sequence of Stone Enzyme Wash

Garments loading into the m/c


Rinsing for two times

Stone loading into the machine

Enzyme chemical added into the m/c

Tumbling for 30-60 minutes

Rinse (two times)


Extracting or hydro



Advantages of stone enzyme wash

Vintage Look: It gives a vintage and aged look to the clothes, which is a popular trend in the fashion industry.

Environmentally Friendly: Stone enzyme washing is considered to be environmentally friendly as it reduces water and chemical usage compared to other cumbersome methods. This aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally conscious fashion.

Comfortable feel: The process not only enhances the look but also makes the fabric softer and more comfortable to wear.

Disadvantages of stone enzyme wash

Weakened fabric: The process can weaken the fabric fibers, which can shorten the life of the garment. This is an important consideration, especially for high quality clothing.

Requires Skilled Operators: Stone washing requires skilled operators who can do it carefully monitor the process to avoid over-processing or damaging the garments.

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