Methods of marker making in garments industries

Marker Making

Methods of marker making is the process of creating a layout for a pattern that will be cut and sewn. This involves arranging the pattern pieces on a large sheet of paper or fabric, to minimize fabric waste and ensure that the pattern pieces are cut correctly. Methods of marker making There are different methods of marker making used to

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Agro textiles .Types of agro textile, Advantages and disadvantage

Agro Textile

Agro textiles are specialized textiles designed for use in agriculture. They can be made from a variety of materials, including natural fibers, synthetic fibers, or a combination of both. Agro textiles can be used for a variety of purposes including weed control, soil stabilization, erosion control, moisture retention, insect control and plant protection. Agro textiles provide a sustainable and cost-effective

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Dyeing process checking and control Points

Dyeing process of coloring textile materials, such as fibers, yarns, fabrics, or garments, using a dye or a combination of dyes. The dyeing process can be done by various methods, including immersion, padding, spraying, or printing. The basic steps a process of dyeing the fabric : Preparation: The textile material is cleaned and prepared for dyeing by processes such as

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Different Types of Dyeing Fabric Faults

Dyeing fabric faults are very common in the textile industry. Various types of defects occur during knit dyeing. Dyeing is the process of treating the fabric with a dye liquor, containing both dyes and chemicals, and subsequently fixing the dyes to the fabric. During the dyeing process, many defective dyed fabrics come out. There are many dyeing fabric faults that

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Stone wash in garments .Advantage and disadvantage

Garments stone wash

What is Stone Wash? Stone wash means washing garments with special stones so that the garments achieve a very strong washing effect. In enzyme washing of stone, the type of enzyme chosen has an important effect on the process. In garment washing, stone enzyme washing is done using pumice stone and enzyme chemicals. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in garment

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