Different types of trimmings used in garments

Different types of trimming used apparel industries.trimming used

the primary fabric of the garment, that’s an essential part of the construction of the garment or which act as trimming .Different types of trimming used in garments its most important for making a cloth .The items and processes to be discussed in this article are those components.To make garments and shipping them up-to-the buyer, trimmings, and accessories have great

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Types of fabric cutting machine used in garments

The objective of cutting is to separate cloth parts as replicas of the sample pieces within the marker plan. In attaining this objective, sure requirements must be fulfilled. Numerous attempts have been made over time to develop methods of cutting cloth other than by some sort of metal blade. Within the majority of cutting rooms today, the cutting process uses

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Sewing thread types and uses

Sewing thread is the most important trimming that is extensively used in garments manufacturing. The correct selection of sewing thread requires consideration of its overall performance properties for the duration of sewing as well as its performance within the completed garment under conditions of wear and cleaning. Sewing threads are composed. Fiber Types Thread construction and Thread finish Fiber types:

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Types of button used in apparel industries

The button is hardware objects used in conjunction with buttonholes for the fastening of garments.They can add decoration in addition to imparting a closure. The kind of materials from which buttons may be made is considerable, including natural wood, bone, horn and mother-of-pearl, and man-made metal, polyester, polyamide, and casein.Many types of buttons used in apparel industries. The button is

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