Types of fabric cutting machine used in garments

The objective of cutting is to separate cloth parts as replicas of the sample pieces within the marker plan. In attaining this objective, sure requirements must be fulfilled. Numerous attempts have been made over time to develop methods of cutting cloth other than by some sort of metal blade. Within the majority of cutting rooms today, the cutting process uses hand shears, a mechanized knife blade is considered one of several viable types, or a die press that stamps out the garment shapes.Many types of cutting machine used in garments.

Types of cutting machine:

  • Straight Knife
  • Band Knife
  • Die Cutting
  • Notcher
  • Drill
  • Hand operated scissor

Straight knife Cutting machine :

The element of a straight knife includes a base plate, generally on rollers for ease of movement, an upright, vertical blade with varying edge characteristics, and an electric powered motor Above it, a deal with for the cutter to direct the blade, and a sharpening device. The base plate on its rollers slides below the glazed paper that is spread below the lowest ply of fabric inside the lay.

Two sorts of power are required to operate a straight knife. Motor electricity drives the reciprocating blade, and operator power drives the knife via the lay. The motor electricity wanted is determined by means of the peak of the lay, the construction of the fabric, the curvature of the line being cut and the stroke of the blade

A more recent improvement has been a traveling suspension gadget equipped with a changed straight knife. This system supports the knife from above, which permits the heavy base plate and rollers to get replaced with a small, flat base, decreasing the possibility of distortion during cutting which can rise up from the thickness of the conventional base plate.


Band knife cutting machine :

A band knife comprises a series of three or more pulleys, powered by means of an electric motor. One edge of the blade is sharpened. A band knife place of work can be arranged in order that the operator both pushes and pulls the phase of lay closer to the knife.

Band knives are used whilst a higher preferred of reducing accuracy is required than can be acquired with a straight knife. This knife is used more in menswear than in ladies’ swear and is frequently used to cut massive garment parts which include the large panels of jackets and overcoats.

Die cutting machine:

Freestanding dies cut the small factors of huge garments together with collars and trouser pocketing or the components of smaller garments that incorporate bras. They also can be used for a part of a larger garment part, such an of the neck area of a coat fronting a few cases, no marker is used, the Operator placing the dies via eye to the precise grainline and as close to together as this method allows One disadvantage of die-cutting is its more use of fabric. When the die press forces the dies through the fabric it additionally forces a narrow wedge of fabric between the dies.

Notchers cutting machine:

Many garment elements require that notches are cut into the edges of them to permit alignment all through sewing with other garments elements. Accuracy depends on the operator. A possibility machine, the hot notcher, consists of a heating element in order that the blade moreover slightly scorches the fibers adjoining to the so as to prevent it fraying and disappearing. This can’t be used with thermoplastic fibers or certain unlined garments. One cloth requiring it may be loosely woven tweed.



Hand operated scissor:

Hand shears are generally used only when cutting single or double plies. The decrease blade of the shears passes beneath the plies. However, the subsequent distortion of the Fabric is extremely good transient and correct Cutting to the line can be carried out with practice. This method is flexible enough to deal with any cloth construction and pattern shape. The obvious disadvantage of the approach lies within the time it consumes and the consequent excessive labor fee according to the garment, but it is suitable for made-to-measure garments.


Drill cutting machine:

Consisting of for the position of pockets, darts, and comparable features, a hole is regularly drilled through all the plies of fabric inside the lay. The drill mounting includes a motor, a base plate with a hole to allow the drill to bypass through, and a spirit level to make certain that the base is horizontal and hence the drill vertical. All drill holes must eventually be concealed by the development of the garment. With multi-colored, or if it is important that no mark remains on the fabric, a thread marker is used. A long thread cab be passed through the lay that is then cut with scissors between every ply, leaving some centimeters visible on each garment panel.


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