Straight knife cutting machine advantage & disadvantages

Straight knife cutting machine is the most popular and most versatile in the world. Straight knife cutting machine suitable for mass trimming cotton, linen leather, woolen and chemical fiber goods, etc. The Straight knife cutting machine consists of a base plate, an up right stand to hold the vertical blade, motor, a handle for moving assembly, a sharpening device and a handle to transfer the whole assembly from one place to another. Two kinds of power are required to operate a straight knife. Motor power drives the reciprocating blade and operator power drives the knife through the lay.

The most important consideration is selecting a straight knife is the power required from the operator to move the knife is the power required for the operator to move the knife through the lay. Wavy edged knifes are used to reduce the heat generation and hence can be used for cutting synthetic materials without fusing difficulties. The straight knife is a common means of cutting lays in conventional cutting rooms because it is versatile,, portable, chapter than a band knife and easy to maintain.

Straight knife cutting machine

Straight knife cutting machine

Features of straight knife:

⦁ Possible to cut pattern pieces directly from the fabric lays.
⦁ Could be used to cut for higher depth of fabric.
⦁ High cutting speed.
⦁ Sharp & heavy corners can be cut
⦁ Blade height 10 to 33cm
⦁ Blade stroke 2.5cm to 4.5cm
⦁ Special attachment such as sew edge of serrated edge can be provide for heavy fabric such as canvas of denim.
⦁ Fabric is cut any angle

Stright knife bleed

Straight knife bleed

Advantage of straight knife:

⦁ Comparatively cheap & can be transferred easily from one place to another.
⦁ Higher lay of height can be cut very easily.
⦁ Round corners can be cut more precisely then even round knife.
⦁ Production speed is very good as up to 10 heights can be cut at a time.
⦁ Garments components can e directly separated form fabric lays.
⦁ Fabric can be cut from any angle

Disadvantages of straight knife:

⦁ Sometimes deflecting may occur due to the weight of the motor.
⦁ Knife deflection is high in risk, when ay height is to high
⦁ Sometimes accident may happen.

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