Different Types of jeans men and women

Girl Friend Jeans

Jeans are made on the body in a way that matched the most delicately made garments. This became especially important for women because as of now, they paid more attention to fit. This versatility, the ability to become all things to all people, the privacy of the survival of jeans as the head of clothing. Today I will discuss best types of jeans.

Jeans are the choice of many people because it is suitable, practical and comfortable. Although most jeans are made from denim, it can also come in a variety of fabrics. Jeans are the most popular among teenagers but they are now gaining popularity along with other age categories.

  • Bell Bottom Jeans
  • Baggy jeans
  • Kick flare jeans
  • Cigarette jeans
  • Straight leg jeans
  • Tapered jeans
  • Boot cut jeans
  • Mom jeans
  • Skinny jeans
  • Flared Jeans
  • Stovepipe jeans
  • Slim fit
  • Classic fit jeans
  • Cargo fit jeans
  • Straight fit jeans
  • Loose fit jeans
  • Stretch jeans
  • Regular jeans
  • High waist jeans
  • Trouser fit Jeans
  • Retro jeans
  • Capri
  • Dirty Washed jeans
  • Carpenter jeans
Straight leg jeans  

Straight leg jeans have the same width from the knee to the leg opening hence the straight effect. They are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to go to extremes in skinny jeans but want a streamlined effect.

Straight leg jeans

Straight leg jeans

Girlfriend jeans

Girlfriend jeans are cut to sit higher on the hips and have a slim straight leg fit. Designed to hug your curves, the girlfriend style will emulate the boyfriend style but still show off your shape. The Girlfriend is a more feminine version of the boyfriend jeans.

Girl Friend Jeans

Girl Friend Jeans

Mom Jeans ­

Mom jeans pear shape jeans are a nasty term for high-waisted types of women’s jeans that were fashionable in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In the late 1990s and 2000s these were mainly worn by middle-aged American women and trendy young women considered them friendships.

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Tapered jeans

A tapered jean gradually narrows toward the ankle. To taper a jean means to bring in the leg for an inverted shape that feels loose and comfortable at the top, but still looks clean and sharp thanks to the subtle alteration of the leg opening. Tapered jeans a man can easily improve his appearance

Tapered jeans look good on men of all body types. Tall, short, thin, big or muscular, it doesn’t matter. Tapered jeans look flattering. If you don’t already have a pair of tapered jeans, I suggest you get one.

Stovepipe Jeans

Stovepipe pants. Basically, a slightly tighter version of straight-leg pants, this style is suited for the knee, then falls straight to the ankle. Stovepipe pants work for inverted triangles; they hit at the lower hips, which will add a bit of weight there to balance a strong shoulder.

Slim Fit

Slim-fit pants or skinny jeans are tight trousers that have a snug fit through the legs and end in a small leg opening that can be anywhere from 9″ to 20″ in circumference, depending on size.

You can wear any other skinny jeans, on the other hand, if your shoulders are not too wide and your legs are not too thin or too muscular, shout in those jeans! When wearing thin jeans tend to be a little bit loose, so consider choosing a tighter one.

Loose fit jeans

Loose-fit jeans are relaxed in the seat, thigh and knee areas. It has a generous cut that provides ample space for movement and it is usually very comfortable. Carpenter jeans, for example, usually have a loose fit.

Regular fit jeans                                       

Regular fit jeans are one of the jeans fit types that fits straight from hip to thigh. Regular fit jeans meaning having a mid-rise and has a large leg opening. Out of different men body types, people who are neither too skinny nor too thick generally prefer regular jeans.

Relaxed refers to a fit that’s looser than regular. Relaxed-fit jeans are wider in the seat and thigh, and they feature a longer rise than regular jeans have. Typically, relaxed jeans provide a comfortable fit.

Trouser fit jeans

Trouser jeans offer the comfort of denim, with the classic styling of traditional trousers. These wearable, sophisticated jeans typically feature a wider waistband and legs, while being fitted through the hips and rear.

Trouser jeans are made of denim just like regular jeans but are designed to mimic the traditional tuxedo trouser style. Its great jeans to wear when you want to look professional in the office with denim permission. Trousers are fitted with jeans hips and rear ends, wide cut legs and a perfect fit overall.

Duty Washed jeans

Denim has been washed at the other end of the fence, as the name implies, any jeans or denim clothing has been washed. Most denim garments are machine washed to soften them, reduce shrinkage and create a more desirable look.

Flared jeans

Women who carry most of their weight on their hips, thighs and backs look amazing in wide flames or bell-bottles. Look for fits that fit the butt, thighs and form all the way down to the middle of your knee.

Bell bottom jeans

Also called bell-bottom because of their shape, flares originated in the early 19th century, when some sailors serving in the US Navy started wearing these kind of trousers, since no uniform was set for them yet.