Different types of weft knit fabric used in garments industries

Enzyme fabric

When a fabric is made interloping one set yarn is known as knit fabric.At list one set of yarn needed to make a knit fabric. Many types of weft knit fabrics used in the garment industry according to the needs of the buyer. Weft knit fabric usually used a polo shirt, T-shirt, Sweatshirt, sportswear, swimwear, sweater, undergarments, children’s wear, etc. In this article, we will discuss some common weft knit fabric used in apparel industries.

Common weft knit fabric list used in knit garments industries:

  1. Single jersey
  2. Slub single jersey
  3. Heavy jersey
  4. Design jersey
  5. Strip jersey
  6. Single lactose
  7. Double lactose
  8. Quilted jersey
  9. Double jersey
  10. Bonded jersey
  11. Loose knit jersey
  12. Bonded jersey
  13. Cotton or cotton blended fleece
  14. Polyester fleece
  15. Lycra spandex fleece
  16. Microfleece
  17. Polar fleece
  18. French terry fleece
  19. Slub terry
  20. Terry
  21. Lose knit terry
  22. Sherpa fleece
  23. 1×1 rib
  24. 2×2 rib
  25. 8×4 rib
  26. Variegated rib
  27. Plated interlock
  28. Bonded interlock
  29. Mesh
  30. Waffle
  31. Ottoman rib
  32. Single lacoste
  33. Double lacoste
Waffle fabric:

Waffle fabric or honeycomb fabric is commonly made of cotton or microfiber and is manufactured in a way that makes it very absorbent. This fabric has thermal properties, presenting warmth and insulation by way of trapping body heat and forming a warm layer next to the skin, growing warmness heat retention. Waffle fabric is used for cleaning surfaces in the industry.

knit fabric used.

Waffle fabric

Quilted jersey 

Generally, 2-3 layers bonded together to create a quilted effect. Yarn-dyed stripes – yarn is dyed then knitted together in a stripe pattern which indicates on each facet of the fabric, can be a variety of competition and weights.

knit fabric used.

Quilted jersey

Single jersey fabric :

Cotton jersey knit fabrics are made both of 100% cotton or cotton blend. They are soft, strong, and opaque. Such knit fabrics are less droppable than; silk or viscose jerseys, however, they provide more structure to a garment. cotton is a breathable material. cotton jersey fabric used to make undergarments, t-shirts, cardigans, turtle necks, and children wear as well as coats and dresses.

Fleece fabric:

Fleece is one of the oldest knitted fabric .many types of fleece fabric can be easily produced at very low cost with the circular knitting machine. Fleece fabric easy to care easy to warm and washable.it can be used both practical and high fashion purposes. Fleece fabric most commonly used sweatshirts and sweatpants.

knit fabric used


Interlock fabric:

Interlock knit fabric is a double knit fabric. It’s a variation of a rib-knit and it’s much like jersey knit, but thicker. Interlock fabric both sides are the same. This fabric used t-shirt knit, dresses, skirts, and even lightweight pants.

knit fabric used


Slub jersey:

Slub jersey is simply made with slub yarn. And this slub cotton yarns contain mild lumps and imperfections, frequently left in the fabric on the cause or created deliberately with the aid knotting the fabric. Slub fabric mostly used making a t-shirt.

Rib fabric:

A double knit fabric in which the rib wales or vertical rows of stitches intermesh instead of the face and decrease returned of the fabric. Rib knitted fabric used sleeve bands, neckbands, sweater hems, and special types of trim for use with other knit. More generally, any edge that should be form-fitting.


Terry fabric is a knitted fabric with ring yarn or terry covering at one or both side . it belongs to one of the fancy knitted fabric. This fabric is an inexperienced product with a mixture of natural raw material.


Polyester fleece clothes have become as increasingly more popular. Like cotton or cotton-blend fleece, this fabric is clean at the outside and plush on the inside.Fleece fabric usually used fleece jackets, hats sweaters hoodies blankets and high performance outdoor clothing.

Ottoman rib:

Ottoman rib is a fabric with a pronounced ribbed or corded effect, frequently made of a mixture of cotton and other like yarns. Ottoman rib used for sweatshirts, sweatshirts, dress, and in particular, dress.