Computerized marker making method

Garments marker

Computerized marker making is the best method as it gives higher marker efficiency. In this method the pattern size, pattern pieces, grade rule. Screening is fed to the computer and set in the memory which produce marker automatically.Computerized marker making is the best method of marker making and widely used

Garments marker

Garments marker

Computerized marker making method:

  1. Automatic
  2. Interactive

(a)Digitizing system: Placing working pattern on digitizing table then clicking according to the pattern.

(b)Scanning system:-Scanner is one kind of m/c like photocopier. Placing  the working pattern on scanning glass and making marker for a selected size.

Automatic marker making:

First the pattern should be input into the computer by scanning or digitizing. The computer should be installed an extra software for making marker. Few data should be given to the computer though the monitor such as length, width, of marker and also the points should be considered before making a marker. Then the software starts permutation and combination between the patterns and can make an efficient marker. This process is easier, less laborious and less time consuming.


At first the patterns should be input into the computer memory by scanning on digitizing. Here no extra software is required. The images of patterns are seen in a small ratio at the corner of the screen. At the mid area of screen there are two horizontal lines which distance indicate wide of marker. A vertical line at the left indicates starting point of the marker. The operator should change set the patterns from corner to in between the marker lines by data pen. After finishing the arrangement, computer can calculate the efficiency of the marker that marker should be saved/stored to the memory. Then other arrangements of patterns should be set & calculate efficiencies. The highest efficient marker should be taken for production/cutting.# This method is hard, requires skilled operator but no extra software.

Fabric wastage outside the marker:


  • Ends of ply loss: -Length of fabric should greater than marker length due to fabric extensibility and causes of spreading technique but extension on fabric during spreading and extension recovery can it be determined accurately. That’s why taken allowances of fabric along with length may not be form its original dimension. So after conditioning the spreading fabric both ends of fabric contain little excess length which become wastage after cutting.
  • Fabric end loss: If length of fabric is not multiple of ply length, spreaded fabric length then the last portion of fabric cannot make a full layer. This kind of residual length is called splice which becomes wastage.
  • Selvedge loss:-Along with the width of fabric at there are a coarser portion of fabric than ground wave to maintain fabric dimension & protect from frying. So, the weave & thread spacing are different and that’s why this portion cannot be used for garments and should be detected from the marker. Thus this portion becomes wastage which does not depend on marker.
  • Purchase loss: -Sometime less fabric is wound on roll than identified length. So it should be measure before fabric purchase.

Marker drawing and duplicating:

Making by hand drawing on paper this method of marker drawing of both old and modern times. The pattern piece is placed on the paper as per the marker planning. Then with the help of fine pencil or ball pen, marking around the pattern, the exact image of the pattern is made on the paper. Then removing he pattern from the paper, the size code is written on that image of the pattern. Sometimes Spots are there on the marker paper by which the fabric grain line is indicated.

  • If the marker for a check fabric is made with white paper, check matching is not possible.
  • Hard working & need more time.

According to the types of tools which used manually drawing the methods of marker coping are discussed bellow-

  1. Carbon duplicating methods.
  2. Sprit duplicating.
  3. Duplicating with Photographic Method.
  4. Perforated Marker

b) Spirit Duplicating:

The spirit duplicating machine and its working system is same like the duplicating which are used for duplicating in office. The only difference is that the dimension of this machine is greater than that of the office duplicating machine.


  • In this method 40-45 copies can be done from a master copy , and due to copying in large numbers, the average cost for each copy comes at a remarkably low cost.


  • The disadvantage in this system is that if there is twisting, frowning, folding becomes longer, and then the copies will be defective.
  • The greater the width of marker, the larger machine will be required, and inconvenience in works will also be greater.
Computerized  marker marking on paper


  1. When marker planning is finished the marker is memorized in computer and at any time that marker is displayed on computer.
  2. That marker printout can be got plotter attached computer. The markers that are drawn or copied with the help of computer, they are very beautiful and accurate.
  3. If there is a big plotter then full sized pattern is obtained and if there is small plotter , mini sized marker can be drawn
  4. The required papers for marker are kept store in rolls at one side of the table from where paper is supplied continuously.

If there is computer controlled cutting arrangement, then there is no need of marker drawing and copying. Because using only disk, the computer controlled fabric cutting knife can be operated

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