Medical Textiles: Types, Properties, Applications and advantage

Medical Textiles

Medical textile are specialty fabrics designed for use in a variety of healthcare applications. These textiles are produced using advanced manufacturing techniques and materials that are safe and effective for medical use. Medical textiles play an important role in modern healthcare and are used for wound dressings, surgical gowns and drapes, bandages and implantable devices. These textiles are used for

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Geo Textiles: Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Geo Textiles

Geo textiles are materials used in civil engineering applications to improve soil and provide additional strength and stability to foundations. They are made from synthetic or natural fibers arranged in a web-like structure. Geotextiles can be used for various purposes such as filtration, drainage, reinforcement and erosion control Types of Geo Textiles Geo textiles are classified based on the method

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What is spandex fiber? Properties of spandex fiber

Spandex fiber

Spandex fiber, also known as elastane or lycra, is a synthetic fiber widely used in the clothing and textile industries. It is a stretchy, lightweight and durable fabric known for its exceptional elasticity, comfort and flexibility. In this article, we will explore what spandex fiber is, how it is made, its properties and characteristics, and its various applications in different

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What is rayon fiber and how is it made?

Rayon fiber

Rayon fiber is a synthetic fiber made from natural cellulose fibers. It is a type of regenerated cellulose fiber, meaning it is made from natural cellulose material such as wood pulp, cotton linters or bamboo, processed with chemicals to form a liquid solution. This liquid solution is forced through small holes to form long, continuous fibers, which are then spun

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