Automatic cone winding machine

Automatic cone winding machine

Automatic cone winding machine is modern yarn winding is use to prepare bigger package from ring bobbing. The cone winding machine is particularly used for rewinding the bobbin right into a cylindrical bobbin after being unwound. The sizing device is particularly used for fabric sizing. The carding device is particularly used for pure spinning and mixing of wool and chemical fiber.

The cone winding device is an excessive-level new-technology textile equipment product integrating device, electricity, instrument and gas. The tube yarn is wound right into a knotless bobbin and the yarn disorder is eliminated all through the winding procedure. Its joints are mechanical knotting, air splicing, mechanical boring, and may be wet and hot.


Automatic cone winding machine

Automatic cone winding machine

It is appropriate for the winding procedure of cotton, wool, fiber, pure spinning and blending to provide excessive high-quality knotless yarn. It is appropriate for fiber varieties: cotton, wool, chemical fiber and blends. It is appropriate for yarn varieties: single yarn, strand. The cone winding machine has the benefits of excessive efficiency, High speed, excessive high-satisfactory, stability, convenient maintenance and outstanding performance.

  • Automatic cone winding machine prepare the bigger package from ring bobbin.
  • To remove spinning faults automatically.
  • To wax the material.
  • To improve and make a quality of yarn.
Parts name of auto cone winding
  • Cradle
  • Drum
  • Magazine
  • Tension assembly
  • Yarn clearer
  • Waste suction pipe
  • Bobbin plate
  • Bobbin holder
  • Wax motor
  • Splicer
  • Dust removal unit
  • Traveling cleaner
Working Principle

Gets motion from the motor in one side of machine and can shaft and roller shaft rotates by motor pulley.Yarn supply get from a bobbin and yarn go to cone by passing yarn guide tensioner and Travers guide.Cone are on holder and contact with drum can rotates the friction of dram cone side.

Winding process should be accurate for winding process should fulfill the following requirements.

  • Cone winding process should be easy.
  • The properties of the yarn should not change
  • Auto cone winding process should be economical.
  • Winding faults should be minimize.
  • Yarn package should be cheap in cost
  • Avoid excess in looseness or tightness.
  • Exact package hardness.
  • In winding, the knots of yarn should be small in size and the amount of knots should be minimum.

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Different types of Yarn package

Automatic winding machine to introduce below what are its main advantages:
  1. Electro-magnetic tension control system, a frequency-alternate slotted spool yarn guide device, and a pump-primarily based totally cycling-type oiling tool ensure the package of yarns. You will have good packages by using auto winding machine.
  2. Can greatly reduce employee fatigue, improve work efficiency, saving time.
  3. The use of PLC program control, the text display parameter setting, and operation is simple and convenient.
  4. Winding length adjustment, winding number ring set, cable length, number of rings set, output counts can be carried out.
  5. Suitable for AC power cable, DC power supply, video cable, USB data cable, HDMI high definition line, and other various types of transmission line using iron cores twisted into a bunch of plastic bags.
  6. Staff simply put the wire on spools, trampling foot pedal automatic winding, the machine automatically winding line to the cable outlet, the machine automatically ties.