Water jet loom machine.Advantages and disadvantages

Water jet loom refers to weaving on a water jet loom. A water jet loom machine uses water instead of air to transport the yarn around the shed. Water jet looms can weave very quickly whilst the yarn is not damaged as water is less abrasive than solid matter moving the yarn around.

Water jet loom is suitable for man made yarns like synthetic fiber, glass fiber. Water jet loom requires less power for looms less and generate less noise than other shuttle looms.

Materials that are hydrophilic – natural fibers like cotton, nettle or hemp for example – better not be applied in water jet weaving as the fabric would become too heavy during weaving due to extreme moisture absorption.┬áIt besides provides for laying dissimilar colors inwards the weft direction.

Water jet loom machine

Water jet loom machine

Main Parts name of water Jet Loom
  1. Main Nozzle
    2. Accumulator.
  2. Tension Regulator
  3. Weft (filling)
  4. Crimper
  5. Leno Mechanism
    6. Front roller
  6. Cone
  7. Pump
  8. Contained
  9. Cam
  10. Selvedge cones
  11. Leno heald eye
  12. Clamping Device
  13. Heald frames
  14. Cloth roll

Advantage of water jet loom weaving
  1. Water jet loom machine consumes less ability than others.
  2. This type of loom is suitable for producing synthetic fabric.
  3. Here, production charge per unit of measurement is higher.
  4. It creates less dissonance than rapier loom in addition to missile.
  5. Production rate is higher
  6. Require less space as compare to other
Disadvantages of Water Jet Loom machine:
  1. By using difficult water, hither may shape rust on the yarn.
  2. It is not perfect for absorbent fibre such equally cotton.
  3. While we are using only hydrophobic yarn for weaving in the water jet loom then we have to dry the fabric afterward.



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