Garments manufacturing process and flowchart

A flowchart is a picture of the separate steps of a process in sequential order. During garments manufacturing, a process flow chart must be needed to complete an order easily.

garments manufacturing

                          Garments manufacturing process and flowchart


                                                 Design/ sketch             


                                                 Pattern design                   


                                                 Sample making                          


                                               Production pattern




                                                  Marker making                 






                                               Sorting /bundling               


                                              Sewing/ assembling                 




                                               Final pressing/Finishing


                                                  Dispatch/ Delivery


Garments manufacturing process

It comes from buyers to manufactures containing sketch including all measurement of particular styles.

Basic block:-

Basic block is an individual component of garments without any design or style.

Sample making:

To make a sample, this will be approved by buyer. After making sample is sent to buyer for approval to know whether it is according to his dimension or not.

Approved sample:

After rectifying faults it is again sent to buyer it is ok. Then it is called approved sample.

Production pattern: Making allowance with net dimension.


By following production pattern approved sample is always made medium. If the buyers require different size so should have to grade the dimension. It may be S, L, M, XL, and XXL.

Pattern: – It is a hard paper which is made by following each individual component for a style of garments.

Marker making: – Marker is a thin paper which contains all the components for different sizes for a particular style of garments.

Spreading: – To spread the fabric on table properly for cutting.

Cutting: – To cut fabric according to marker dimension.

Sorting /bundling: – Sort out the fabric according to size & for each size make individual bundle.

Sewing: – Join the cutting fabric by sewing.

Final pressing/ finishing: – After sewing, we will get a complete garments which is treated with steam ironing.

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