Different types of computerized fabric cutting machine used in garments industries

Computerized cutting machine provides the maximum accuracy possible cutting, at high speed, and to maintain the bigger structures fully occupied they are used regularly in a central cutting facility that supplies some of the separate sewing factories. A typical computer cutting machine has a desk with a cutting surface inclusive of nylon bristles, which help the fabric lays, however, are flexible enough to permit penetration and motion of the knife blade. That is supported only at the top. The bristles also permit the passage of air through the table to create a vacuum, lowering the peak of the lay and maintaining it in place. The computer-controlled knife cuts in line with to instructions from the computer preference to by following a pattern line drawn on a marker. Care must be taken that the appropriate disc is loaded into the computer so that the correct clothes are cut.


Advantage of the computerized cutting machine:

  • Suitable for huge scale production;
  • can be related to computerized marker making
  • No need of marker;
  • Lower labor cost
  • Very fast fabric cutting;
  • Very accurate cutting;
  • No possibility of blade deflection;
  • Blade sharpening is attached;
  • Cutting speed could be varied;
  • 6 to eight times quicker cutting

Types of the computerized cutting machine:

  1. Laser Cutting Machine
  2. Water Jet Cutting Machine
  3. Plasma Torch Cutting Machine
  4. Ultrasonic Cutting

Computerized Laser cutting machine:

A laser produces a beam of light that can be centered into a totally small spot (0.25 mm), producing a completely high energy density and a rapid, localized increase in temperature. Cutting takes location by burning, melting, and vaporization. A laser beam does not turn out to be blunt and needs renewing, however, it does suffer from a limited depth of focus. This limits the depth of fabric it is able to cut and the excellent results are achieved when cutting single plies.

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Advantage of computerized laser cutting machine:

  • Lasers cut with terrific Accuracy and multidirectional ability are also appreciated.
  • Laser cutters function with none mechanical parts except for the conveyor and plotting system, thus much less wear and tear.
  • Single-ply laser cutters additionally make it possible to cut by of color or coloration instead of by
  • Laser can work with stretch fabrics.

Disadvantage of computerized laser cutting machine:

  • Lasers are used for single-ply decreasing
  • Widespread use of laser device remains limited because of the high cost of investment in equipment.

Computerized water jet cutting machine:

A very excessive velocity, small diameter circulate of water is created by applying high-pressure water to a nozzle. The high-pressure jet acts as a solid device even as it encounters the fabric to be cut, tearing the fibers on impact. An entire computer device has been evolved for leather in which hides are inspected and blemishes marked, and the hides then scanned into the computer.

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Advantage of computerized water jet cutting machine:

  • The water jet cutter does now not create any risky waste and, with a small kerf, it also enables the recyclability of scrap metal. Water jet uses little or no
  • No need for sharpening/ grinding
  • The comparatively higher speed of fabric cutting
  • Excess heat is not produced

Disadvantage of computerized water jet cutting machine:

  • Not suitable for better depth of lay cutting;
  • .Wet cut edges at the
  • Hard water causes rusting.So water should be filtered & de-ionized before
  • As inside the lower lay, water jet spreads out & then cut is wider & tough at the bottom of the spread.

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Different types of fabric cutting machine

Computerized Plasma cutting machine:

Plasma cutting was originally developed to meet a demand for great quality cutting on stainless steel and aluminum but it is able to additionally be used to cut textile materials. Cutting is achieved by means of an excessive velocity jet of high temperature ionized gas (argon). This method has the potential to become the quicker cutter of single plies.

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Advantage of computerized plasma cutting machine:

  • It requires no preheating in order that the torch can start its cutting immediately, which saves time and is more
  • Produces a small and more unique kerf (width of the cut)— exquisite when precision matters.
  • As a smaller heat-affected quarter which prevents the region from round the cut from warping and minimizes paint damage.

Disadvantage of computerized plasma cutting machine:

  • It requires common substitute of a few spare components if it isn’t always used properly.
  • Limited to cutting most effective Thick material

Computerized Ultrasonic cutting:

More currently advanced are cutting systems that use an ultrasonically driven knife blade. Vibration frequencies inside the 20 kHz variety produce 1/20 mm movement inside the blade, small enough to get rid of the want for a bristle base to the cutting table. Disposable knife blades save sharpening time and remaining for 10 to 14 days.