10 Best textile engineering universities in the world

Textile engineering present time most valuable subject to study. Textile engineering makes use of technology to develop all types of fabrics and yarns as well as to analyze polymers used to create the new fiber. Textile engineers design and develop the processes, equipment, and techniques that create all these kinds of fibers, yarns, and fabrics. Present world lots of textile engineering universities are established for textile education .In this article we will discuss 10best university for textile engineering in the world.

10 best textile engineering universities in the world.

  1. North Carolina State University
  2. University of Nebraska Lincoln
  3. Saxion University of Applied Sciences
  4. University of Bolton
  5. university of Manchester
  6. university of Leeds
  7. Dresden University of Technology
  8. De Montfort University
  9. Loughborough University
  10. Heriot-Watt University
North Carolina state university:

North Carolina state university established in March 1887. North Carolina state university’s Main Campus has three sub-campuses: North campus, central campus, and south campus. North Carolina state university in education agriculture, textiles, business, and natural resources. There are around 36,000 undergraduate and graduate students learn by doing. Every year North Carolina state university creating 90000 jobs and adds $6.5 billion to the statewide economy.

10 Best textile engineering universities in the world. textile engineering universities

University of Nebraska Lincoln:

The University of Nebraska was established on February 15, 1869. This University provides a Master of Arts in textile, merchandising, and fashion and design degree. The University of Nebraska–Lincoln constantly ranks in the pinnacle tier of national research universities.

Saxion University of applied sciences:

The saxion University of Applied Sciences was opened. This university is divided into three campuses Deventer, Enschede, Apeldoorn. There are 27,000 students over the three campuses, students from 89 different countries. This university offers part-time full-time courses.

University of Bolton:

The University of Bolton was established in 2004. The University of Bolton located in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England. This university has 6,000 students and 700 academic and professional staff. This university also offers part-time and full-time courses.

University of Manchester UK:

The University of Manchester is established in 2004 is located in Manchester, England. This university offer textile-related courses in textile technology, textile fashion. This university has 3800 stuff and over 39600 postgraduates, undergraduates currently pursuing their education. This university more than 80 health and health classes while over 3,000 students are participants of the 44 diverse Athletic Union clubs.

University of Leeds UK:

the university of Leeds establish 1904 is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire .this university has 31800 postgraduates and undergraduates and 8000 administration staff. The courses offered in the field of textile engineering are fashion design, textile design, fashion technology fashion marketing

Dresden University of Technology:

The Dresden University of Technology was established in 1828.It is located in Dresden, Saxony, Germany. this university has over 34,500 students pursuing a degree and 8,500 stuff. Dresden University of technology is divided 14 faculties and provides numerous courses in textile engineering such as textile, apparel and textile, textile and apparel technology, merchandising, fashion and technology.

De Montfort University:

De Montfort University was established in 1992 is located in the city of Leicester, England.  De Montfort University has 27,000 full and part-time students, and 3,240 staff. The university divided the academic section into four faculties. Health and Life Sciences, Engineering and Media, Computing Business and Law, Art, Design, and Humanities, the university provides wide range of courses some of the textile design, textile and accessories, fashion textile design.

Loughborough University (UK):

Loughborough University was established in 1966 by the royal chapter .the university has 17500 postgraduates and undergraduates. This university offers textile innovation and design courses which is one of the best stream of textile engineering.

Heriot-Watt University:

Heriot watt university was established in 1966 is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. The university has 10300 postgraduates and undergraduates pursuing their higher studies in the university .the university offers part-time and full-time classes. Some of the course fashion and textile design, fashion, and textiles.