Different types of chemical used in washing

Chemicals Used in Washing

Garment washing is a process that involves the use of different types of chemicals to achieve different effects on the fabric. The use of chemicals in washing clothes is essential to produce the desired effect on the fabric. Types of chemical used in washing clothes and their functions. Types of Chemicals Used in Washing: Enzyme Detergent Acetic Acid Wetting Agent

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Different types of garments wash. Advantage and disadvantage

Garments wash

What is garments wash? Garments wash refers to the process of cleaning and treating fabrics to improve their appearance, texture and durability. Washing clothes involves different techniques and chemicals depending on the type of fabric, color, design and desired effect. Some common types of garment wash include regular wash, bleach wash, stone wash, enzyme wash, bio wash and silicone wash.

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Seam:Properties of seam

Properties of seam

A seam is the joining of two or more layers of fabric by stitching. Seams are used in garment construction to create the shape and structure of a garment. They can be made by hand or with a sewing machine and can be visible or hidden depending on the design of the garment. Good appearance seams means that the stitches

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Interlining: Types of Interlining, Applications, Advantages.

Types of Interlining

Interlining is important for garment manufacturing as it helps to improve the appearance, shape and durability of the garment. It helps prevent the outer fabric from wrinkling or stretching and also provides structure and support to the garment. Interlining also helps hide seam allowances, giving the garment a clean and professional finish. Mainly two types of Interlining as follows: Stitched

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