Bobbin case: A sewing machine bobbin case has important functions related to thread tension. It gently and securely holds the bobbin in place so that the machine can untie the thread without harmful movement.

Bobbin: In the case of sewing, a bobbin is a small metal, wood or plastic wheel or reel design that holds the thread. A bobbin is part of a sewing machine that cuts the bottom thread.

The take-up lever: The take-up lever is located above the pressure foot of a sewing machine. This is the part of the machine that pulls the thread from the spool for feeding through the machine

Presser foot lever: A pressure foot is a sewing machine used to hold the fabric flat with which it is fed and sewn through the machine.

Thread cutter: Automatic thread cutting means the sewing machine is doing all the cutting work for you without you having to use scissors or any kind of cutting thing.

Slide plate: It is a plastic cover that protects the bobbin case from dirt and dust.

Feed dog: Feed dogs are a teeth-like component.  A set of feed dogs usually resembles two or three short, thin metal bars

Needle Clamp: Most needle holders also have a clamp mechanism that locks the needle in place, allowing the user to insert the needle through a diverse tissue.

Tension disks: Tension discs control the amount of thread applied to the machine’s needle and even to the feed as a result of sewing forming evenly

Needle: To make a hole in the fabric so that the sewing thread can make a seam through it without damaging any fabric to make a loop through to carry the needle thread through the fabric.

Handwheel: Also called the balance wheel, the sewing machine handwheel is used to control the movement of both the take-up lever and the needle.

Bobbin winder stopper: Winds thread from spool to the bobbin. Bobbin winders can be located at the top or right side of the machine. Automatically stops the bobbin from winding when full.

Pattern selector: It is used to make stretch stitches and zigzag stitches. Turn the pattern selector dial to set the desired knitting symbol.

Reverse lever: The reverse lever is part of the sewing machine that makes it possible to hold the stitch back.