Separating zippers: Separating zippers are designed for jackets, coats, hoodies,  sweatshirts, and any makes use of where the zipper wishes to split  completely on the

Continuous zipper chain: Continuous zippers are generally sewn into a project at each ends like on a bag, tent or cushion

Metal teeth zippers: A metallic zipper consists of two rows of protruding teeth fabricated  from metallic. The metal teeth may be made of Brass, Aluminum,

Water repellent zippers: These are best for the usage of tents, outside gear, etc. These are  sturdy climate-proof zippers with a purpose to survive all rough  weather.

Two-way separating zippers:

Bag zippers: These zippers are coil zippers that have a non-lock slider/pull,  generally mainly transparent, made of polyethylene or comparable  plastic,

Nylon coil zippers: The coil is sewn to a zip tape to make the final product. The sliders  can be fixed in either direction of the zipper chain and they’ll still  function smoothly.

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Open-Closed-zippers: Those zippers that don’t separate at the bottom; they have a stopper  at the lowest end preventing the pull going in addition and separating.