Rib fabric: Rib knitted fabric used sleeve bands, neckbands, sweater hems, and special types of trim for use with other knit

Waffle fabric: Waffle fabric or honeycomb fabric is commonly made of cotton or microfiber and is manufactured in a way that makes it very absorbent.

Terry: Terry fabric is a knitted fabric with ring yarn or terry covering at one or both side . it belongs to one of the fancy knitted fabric

Ottoman rib: Ottoman rib is a fabric with a pronounced ribbed or corded effect, frequently made of a mixture of cotton and other like yarns.

Single Jersey: cotton jersey fabric used to make undergarments, t-shirts, cardigans, turtle necks, and children wear as well as coats and dresses.

Fleece fabric: Fleece is one of the oldest knitted fabric .many types of fleece fabric can be easily produced at very low cost with the circular knitting machine

Interlock fabric: Interlock knit fabric is a double knit fabric. It’s a variation of a rib-knit and it’s much like jersey knit, but thicker. Interlock fabric both sides are the same.