Button: Buttons are hardware gadgets used together with buttonholes for the fastening of garments. They can upload decoration in addition to providing a closure

Zipper: These are the principal gadgets used in clothing that are partly textiles in nature and in part non-textile, difficult material.

Sewing thread: Sewing thread is the most important trimming used in garments  industries. Almost all garments produced have one element in common; the  stitching thread

Elastic: Where elasticated effects are required regionally on garments but  without added decoration, corded elastic of diverse widths or even flat  rubber strips are used.

Motif: The term motif is frequently used to describe a decorative addition  to the garment, but the use of motifs sporting a company’s name,  trademark or brand is now widespread.

Level: No garment may be sold without some kind of label attached to it.  Labeling listing fiber content is mandatory, size labeling is clearly  necessary.

Lining: Linings are usually a functional part of the cloth, being used  variously to maintain the shape of cloth, to enhance the hang and  comfort by allowing it to slide over different cloth

Interlinings: Interlinings are used to support, toughen and control areas of  garments inclusive of collars, cuffs, waistbands, hems, facings, and the  fronts of jackets and coats.

Hook and Loop fastenings: Hook and loop fastening are utilized in a restricted range of garment  applications, however, where it’s far used its particular properties  are extraordinarily valuable.

Wadding: Wadding is the name given to the fiber fillings used in garments where warmth is required without remarkable weight