Button sewing machine: The button sewing machine is a special type of machine that is used to attach buttons in garment industries hence it is called a button attaching machine

Cover stitch machine: A cover stitch machine is designed particularly to place an expert end on hems, especially on knit fabrics.

Lockstitch sewing machine: Lockstitch sewing machines are arguably the most widely used type of sealing machines. Lockstitch machines are common in industrial sewing environments

Electronic sewing machine: Electronic means that you set the features of this sewing machine electronically, usually by pressing a button or selecting a menu setting on an LCD display screen.

Hand operating sewing machine: Hand operated sewing machine. This is the simplest form of the system that’s is operated with the aid of hand. A detachable handle furnished to the flywheel is used to perform the machine.

Treadle sewing machine: A treadle sewing machine is one this is powered mechanically by a foot pedal that is pushed from side to side by using the operator’s foot.

industrial sewing machine: Industrial sewing machines are heavy-duty gadgets designed to meet large-scale sewing demands. Industrial sewing machines usually cost more.

Mini sewing machine: Most of the portable and mini sewing machines are capable of doing lots of jobs. With a portable sewing machine system, you may do all the work than stitching

Blind stitch machine: Blind stitch sewing machine for blind sewing. A special type of sewing machine used in the garment industry to produce sewing

Domestic model sewing machine: Domestic sewing machines are typically used in homes by sewing enthusiasts. This is a common home sewing machine for sewing. This type of sewing machine is fairly easy to use and you can do all the things you need for sewing clothes.

Computerized sewing machine: Computerized Sewing Machines are more reliable and simpler to use than the mechanical stitching machines. They offer easy controls with no manual tasks. The machine does all the work and does not require the user to do the work, it is a huge time saver.