Die cutting machine: Freestanding dies cut the small factors of huge garments together with collars and trouser pocketing or the components of smaller garments that incorporate bras. They also can be used for a part of a larger garment part,

Band knife cutting machine : A band knife comprises a series of three or more pulleys, powered by means of an electric motor. One edge of the blade is sharpened. Band knives are used whilst a higher preferred of reducing accuracy

Straight knife Cutting machine : The element of a straight knife includes a base plate, generally on rollers for ease of movement, an upright, vertical blade A more recent improvement has been a traveling suspension gadget equipped with a changed straight knife.

Notchers cutting machine: Many garment elements require that notches are cut into the edges of them to permit alignment all through sewing with other garments elements. Accuracy depends on the operator

Hand operated scissor: Hand shears are generally used only when cutting single or double plies. The decrease blade of the shears passes beneath the plies

Round Knife Cutting Machine: Round Knife Cutting Machine is the most useful cutter knife instrument in garments industry. Round knife is especially used for little production.