Water jet cutting machine: A very excessive velocity, small diameter circulate of water is created by applying high-pressure water to a nozzle. – No need for sharpening/ grinding – The comparatively higher speed of fabric cutting – Excess heat is not produced

Plasma cutting machine: Plasma cutting was originally developed to meet a demand for great quality cutting on stainless steel –  It requires no preheating in order that the torch can start its cutting immediately, which saves time and is more

Laser cutting machine: A laser produces a beam of light that can be centered into a totally small spot (0.25 mm), producing a completely high energy density – Single-ply laser cutters additionally make it possible to cut by of color or coloration instead of by – Laser can work with stretch fabrics.

Ultrasonic cutting: More currently advanced are cutting systems that use an ultrasonically driven knife blade. Vibration frequencies inside the 20 kHz variety produce 1/20 mm movement inside the blade

Advantage of the computer-controlled cutting knife: – Suitable for huge scale production; – can be related to computerized marker making – No need of marker

Advantage of the computer-controlled cutting knife: – Very fast fabric cutting; – Very accurate cutting; – No possibility of blade deflection;

Advantage of the computer-controlled cutting knife: – Blade sharpening is attached; – Cutting speed could be varied; – 6 to eight times quicker cutting

A typical computer cutting machine has a desk with a cutting surface inclusive of nylon bristles, which help the fabric lays