Round Knife Cutting Machine.Advantages and disadvantages

Round knife cutting machine is the most useful cutter knife instrument in garments industry. Round knife is especially used for little production. Round cutting machine is called round knife cutting machine because its cut is round but slightly octagonal in shape. 

Round knife are mainly used for cutting edges during manually laying or spreading. It is used for cutting plain and stripe fabric. The machine is moved along the cut contours, while the material spread remains during a fixed position. Round-knife machines are the foremost effective for cutting slippery materials because the rotary movement of the knife ensures the continual compression of the material plies.

Round knife cutting machine

Round knife cutting machine

Main parts name of round knife:
  • Electric motor.
  • Plug.
  • Control handle.
  • Handle
  • Power switch.
  • Sharpener
  • Knife
  • Knife guard
  • Throat plate
  • Base plate
  • Rollers
  • Power Switch
  • Power Supply
  • Locking Disk
Feature of round knife fabric cutting machine
  • The elements of a round knife are
  • Base plate
  • Electric motor
  • A handle for the cutter to point the blade
  • A circular bade rotating so that the leading edge cuts downwards into the
  • Blade diameter varies from 6-20cm.
  • Blade is circular & has a very sharp edge.
  • Blade is driven by electrical power.
  • The circular knife is driven by 1000 -3500rpm.
  • Bade edge:
  • Wave edge.
  • Toothed edge.
  • Circular edge.
Advantages of round knife

  • Suitable for single ply cutting as well as multi-layers (say 20-30 layers).
  • Suitable for small-scale cutting.
  • Suitable for gentle curve cutting.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Useful for cutting layer parts of a garment.

Disadvantages of round knife:
  • Not suitable for cutting much curved lines in higher number of lays because the blade doesn’t strike all the piles simultaneously at an equivalent point.
  • Round knife is used only for straight line & lower number of piles.
  • The round knife is used only for straight lines and for low piles
  • Not suitable for higher production.
  • Possibility of accident is high.
  • Difficult to cut small components.
  • Needs skilled operator.


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